Flipkart Plus Officially Launches on 15 August
Flipkart Plus Officially Launches on 15 August

Flipkart Plus Officially Launches on 15 August to Take on Amazon Prime. Like Amazon Prime, Flipkart Plus is a premium service that guarantees to delivers the product first without charging any delivery fee from the user. The only difference between Amazon Prime and Flipkart Plus Programme is that Flipkart plus does not charge any membership fee from the public, Amazon Amazon does the same.

The best customer support is also provided to the user enrolled in Flipkart Plus. Users who are enrolled in this program get a lot of discount on the Festivals and Seasonal offers. You can think of Flipkart Plus like a point generating system. The user receives some points when they buy a product from Flipkart. Users can use these points in shopping and services related to Flipkart.

However, the company has not yet shared many details about the Flipkart Plus program. Experts are excited to know the details related to the Flipkart Plus program. But the company will provide more information about it on August 15.

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