How to Check Cibil Score Online for Free
How to Check Cibil Score Online for Free

In this article, we explain you to How to check cibil score online for free? Note that Cibil score is a three digit number that varies in between 300 to 900. This number indicates your trustworthiness towards repaying the loan you have taken in past. The higher the number is the higher amount of loan you may get.

These days loan sanctioning for purchasing items, building a house and many more things are common. However, the loan amount is provided by the bank and to sanction the amount, bank first check your Cibil score.

Cibil Score greater than 750+ is measured as a good score.

How to Check Cibil score online?

Okay to check your Cibil score for free you first have to go to this link:

Next, to that click on the red Get Yours button as you can see in the screenshot below.

Check cibil score online | Screenshot 1
Check cibil score online | Screenshot 1

Once you click on that button a new page open where you have to fill out your details and verify yourself. Once done all these steps you will able to get your Cibil score.

Check cibil score online for free | Screenshot 2
Check cibil score online for free | Screenshot 2

Note that, The panel only shows your Cibil score for free, however, if you want to get your Credit reports you have to upgrade for a paid plan.

Let me tell you that In credit report you get your Personal Information, Contact Information, Employment Information, Account Information, and Enquiry Information.

Of all these, Account Information is the most important one. This section shows info about the loans you have taken in Past.

The second most important info you find out in your credit report section is the Enquiry Information. This section shows you the number of enquiries ( to take any loan) you have made in past, either you have taken the loan or not.

Note: Some experts says the more frequently you generate an enquiry for a loan, it will impact on your cibil score.

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