Fortune 500 List Includes 6 Indian Companies in Year 2018
Fortune 500 List Includes 6 Indian Companies in Year 2018 | Image Credits: Flickr

Fortune 500 List Includes 6 Indian Companies in Year 2018. On Wednesday, Yearly Magazine Fortune releases the list of 500 Companies. However, everyone surprise after seeing 6 Indian Companies in this list. In this list, Reliance Industries shows the Highest growth.

According to Fortune, Reliance hikes up to 55 more ranks in comparison to the previous year. Previous year Reliance Industries is at 203 positions in the list, however, this year it reaches at 148. According to Fortune, Reliance Growth Increases by 25% which is really a star mark.

In the List, Indian Oil got 137th Rank which is first in the list of 6. Moreover, After Indian Oil and RIL, ONGC got the Rank of 197. Last year ONGC is not present in the Fortune 500 list. This year ONGC shows 156% growth, that is the main reason why it is present in the list.

Next, In this list State Bank of India is present which grabs the 216th Position. After that Tata Motors which got the rank 232. Next is Bharat Petroleum which is at 314th Position. And Finally, Rajesh Exports is at 405 positions.

In the Fortune 500 List, Walmart holds the Rank 1.

In our opinion, this year ONGC grabs the hero cup giving a significant growth of 156%.

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