Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Top 5 Features
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Top 5 Features | Image Credits: Samsung

In this article, we are going to talk about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 top 5 features. After Launching Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in New York, the Korean giant launches it in India too. In India, this new flagship set comes at Rs 67,990. It has two variants i.e. 6GB of RAM with 128GB of Internal Storage and another one with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of Internal Storage. This time note series got a huge battery, larger storage and an awesome camera. Moreover, as usual, the phone also comes with an S-Pen. Okay, let’s take a look at Samsung Galaxy Note 9 top 5 features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Top 5 Features List


The highlight of this flagship handset is its S-Pen. Till now, no any handset is quite popular because of its Stylus pen beside Note series. To make this device more popular Samsung inbuilt Bluetooth inside S-Pen. Moreover, with the S-Pen, a user can also control the handset camera. You can easily give a powerpoint presentation using this stylus.


When anybody talks about the Samsung Note series battery, most of us quite frightened for some time. However, this time Samsung has made some significant changes in Note 9 battery. This time Note 9 got a huge 9,4000mAh battery. Let me tell you till now no any note series has this capacity of a battery.

Note 9 Camera works via AI

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera works via AI, Hence the handset can recognize things via its camera. Moreover, the handset also intelligently adjust the contrast and other stuff for white balance.

Galaxy Note 9 has 1TB of Storage Capacity

One of the Note 9 variant comes with 512GB of Internal Storage. Moreover, the company also specify that user can extend the Storage Capacity to 512GB more via external MicroSD. With this feature, it is the first phone that actually supports 1TB of Storage Capacity.

Note 9 also focuses on Business Users

Samsung also focuses on business niche users via the Note 9 series to give them PC style experience. For this user have to buy one more device i.e. Samsung Dex. Via this device user can experience their entire phone stuff on any pc having the USB cable support. You just have to put your phone inside the dex and connect the dex to your PC via a cable.

Beside all these some of the other remarkable specs are it Infinity Display with full frontal Glass.

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