How Kiki Challenge Started
How Kiki Challenge Started? Credits: Drake Official YouTube Channel

This article describes you How Kiki Challenge Started. The Kiki Dance Challenge starts when Canadian Hip Hop Star Drake’s “In My Feeling” Song was released. This song is from Drake’s latest album Scorpion. In the song, Kiki is the name of a Girl.

Moreover, Many believe that this viral dance challenge is the invention of US comedian Shoker. Shoker post a video on his Instagram channel in which he performs on the songs In My Feeling.

In Kiki challenge, the participant has to step out of a moving car and dance some of the steps and then again step back inside the moving car without any injuries. However, this dance challenge has put its step in India. In India, there are several casualties occurs due to Kiki Challenge. This trending dance challenge has affected most of the popular Indian Cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh etc.

However, in some cities, the authorities restrict on this dance challenge due to several incidents.

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