Disney Plus Marvel Shows
Disney Plus Marvel Shows

In this article, I’m gonna list out Marvel Shows releasing on Disney Plus. On April 3, 2020, Disney Plus debuts in India via the existing OTT Platform in India called Hotstar. That means, In India if anyone wants to watch Disney Plus content, they have to take Hotstar subscription. You can read about Hotstar Subscription more from here.

Well, On one hand where Disney Plus packs 5 Channels, most Indians definitely going to take Disney Plus subscription only to watch MCU called Marvel Cinematic Universe content.

Now, Talking about Marvel contents on Disney Plus, Right now most of the contents available on the site we have watched already. However, there are some Marvel contents (I mean the shows) coming soon we haven’t see anywhere yet but are familiar with the characters present on these shows.

So, this article is all about such content (shows) that are going to release on Disney Plus Hotstar soon.

One more thing I would like to add here is, there are other Marvel shows also releasing on Disney Plus but here in our list we only include the non-anime shows. So, without a further delay let’s take a look at shows that are releasing on Hotstar-Disney Plus.

Upcoming Marvel Shows on Disney Plus

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Disney Plus Marvel Show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Credit: Marvel

Well, What we know so far about this 6 episode show is, it depicts the after events of Avengers Endgame where Falcon joins Captain America Shield crew. Emily Van Camp to remain play her character of Sharon Carter (as she do in Winter Soldier), Daniel Bruhl to play the role of Helmut Zemo (as he do in Civil War).

In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the new character added is Wyatt Russell, who is going to play the role of Super Villian John Walker.

The filming of this show has already been started last year in November and is expected to be premiered in late 2020.

Wanda Vision

Disney Plus Marvel Show, Wanda Vision
Credit: Marvel

Again named after the Characters of Marvel Cinematic Universe called Elizabeth Olsen (a.k.a. Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (a.k.a. Vision). Although, it is not certain but many believe this show somehow going to connect with the Upcoming movie called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ( scheduled to release in 2021).

Again this 6 episode show is also going to premiered fall 2020.


Disney Plus Marvel Show, Loki
Credit: Marvel

With Lead in Tom Hiddleton, about this 6 episode TV show, many believe it depicts the time when In Avengers Endgame, the Avengers travelled back in time to reach New York and there LOKI somehow manages to escape with the TESSARACT. This show is expected to rollout in early 2021.


Disney Plus Marvel Show, Hawkeye
Credit: Marvel

As we see most of the upcoming Marvel TV shows somehow linked to Avengers Endgame, so do is HAWKEYE. What I know so far about the show is, it depicts the HAWKEYE character training his daughter Kate Bishop after Avengers Endgame. This one reportedly going to release on late 2021.


Disney Plus Marvel Show, She Hulk
Credit: Marvel

While many of us don’t know, how MCU going to introduce another Big Green Creature (who have anger issues). However, if we follow the comics, then, SHE-HULK is actually Bruce Baner’s cousin who gains Hulk power via his Blood transfusion. Talking about the number of episodes this show has? For now we are not certain, how many episodes this show is going to have as well as when this show is going to be premiered.

Moon Knight

Disney Plus Marvel Show, Moon Knight
Credit: Marvel

Known by the same name in the comics, He is a character stuggles with multiple personalities. Although it is not much revealed about Moon Knight show but if we follow the comics, then in early stage, Moon Knight was a soldier who found himself almost died after one of his mission went sideways near an Egyptian Tomb. He was then resurrected by the Moon DEITY KHONSHU, who then train him and make him a Moon Knight. Now, the Moon Knight fights crime using high-tech weaponary and his super-strength fueled by Moonlight.

So, for now these are the 6 non-anime shows so far we came to know about that is releasing on Disney Plus. Once we came to know about more shows, we will add those shows here in this list. For now stay tunned with us.

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