The Hidden Story Behind the Titles of the Episodes of Sacred Games
The Hidden Story Behind the Titles of the Episodes of Sacred Games

In this article, we present you The Hidden Story Behind the Titles of the Episodes of Sacred Games. Undoubtedly, Sacred games is the new sensation in the NETFLIX. It is the first Indian Original series streaming on NETFLIX. It is Based on Vikram Chandra’s highly criticized novel “SACRED GAMES”. Further, it involves Bollywood, Gangsters, Politicians, Police and everything you need in a proper thriller season.

The story is written by Varun Grover and is full of Intimate scenes as well as thrill. Interestingly, the titles of the episodes of the seasons are chosen wisely and had their own meanings. Moreover, they are taken from Indian Hindu Mythology.
So, if you want to know the Hidden Story Behind the Titles of the Episodes of Sacred Games, this article is for you.

The Hidden Story Behind the Titles of the Episodes of Sacred Games


Indeed, in Hindu Mythology Ashwathama was one of the greatest warriors. Moreover, He was the son of Guru Dronacharya and was born with a gem in his head. Further, the gem was his power source. He fought against the Pandavas in Mahabharat. He was cursed by Lord Krishna for using the Brahmastra on the pregnant wife of “Abhimanyu”.


When Demon king Bali defeated the gods. Then, Lord Vishnu told them to churn the sea. Interestingly, the first thing that came out of the sea while churning was a poison named “HALAHAL”.

Further, Lord Shiva took all the poison and that’s how his neck got blue and was further named NEELKANTH.

Aatapi Vatapi

Again, in Hindu Mythology Aatapi and Vatapi were two demon brothers. The brothers had the powers to transform people into any life form and to bring the dead back to life.

The myth goes that one of the brothers would transform into a goat and the other would invite strangers into their home and offer them food.

Once the guests had eaten the meal with the goat in it, the demon brother would burst out of their stomach, killing the visitors. They were finally killed by the wise scholar Agastya.


Indeed, In Hindu Mythology, A Brahmin is the social class of Hindu priests, teachers, and protectors of sacred learning. Further, the Act of Killing a Brahmin is called Brahmahatya.
Moreover, those who killed a Brahmin was cursed.

Even, the God King Indra was cursed for Brahmahatya and according to myths, he has to spend a lot of years in water to save himself from the curse.


Sarama is the female dog of Gods according to Hindu Mythology. Even the God Of Death, YAMARAJ had a four-eyed dog, which is the son of Sarama. She once helped God King Indra to find his divine cows stolen by the demons.


First of all this term comes from one of the most famous Hindu Puran named “GARUDPURAAN”. Interestingly, this is a part of the Puraan, in which Lord Vishnu tells about the punishments a soul face after death for his mistakes done.

Moreover, this part of the Puran deals with the life cycle and the rites and rituals to be performed after death.


Rudra is the God associated with the wind, storm and the hunting of animals and the skills involved.

In the text Rigveda, he is known as the mightiest of the mighty and depending on context, can be translated as most severe roarer or the most frightening one.

Rudra is one of the names of Lord Shiva too. When he is angry, it is known as Rudra and when he is calm, he is known as Shiva.


Yayati is the name of a Puranic king in mythical texts who was married to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s daughter. He conquered the world and was the World Emperor. He was cursed with old age but traded his curse with his son, Puru.

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