How to Easily Check Your Aadhaar Authentication History
How to Easily Check Your Aadhaar Authentication History

In this article, we contribute you the method of How to easily check your Aadhaar Authentication history. Today, We all are using Aadhaar based E-KYC process in all the financial as well in Non-Financial Institutions. We frequently use it for opening a Bank account or maybe for an e-signature. Therefore, to ensure our Aadhaar Safety we must check our Aadhaar Authentication history from time to time. So, let set our article of How to Easily Check Your Aadhaar Authentication History.

How to Easily Check your Aadhaar Authentication History? Step by Step

1. Open the UIDAI Aadhaar Authentication Website

A user can check their Aadhaar Authentication history by first go to this UIDAI Website address i.e.

2. Fill up your 12 Digit UID & Security Code

In the First box, User can enter their 12 digit UID which is present in their Aadhaar Card( this 12 digit UID is present in the bottom of Aadhaar Card). Moreover, In this first box, A user can also have now the option to enter their Virtual ID if they don’t want to share their UID. You can generate your Virtual ID from this site:

Now, In the second box enter the security code that is present right next to the box. Then, Tap on the green Send OTP Button.

3. Select Your Authentication Type, Date Range, Number of Records, and OTP

Here, A new panel opens where you have to fill up several details like Authentication type, Date Range, Number of Records & OTP. To check your Aadhaar authentication accordingly fill up the Authentication type. Here you get following option to select from which are Demographic, Biometric, OTP, Demographic & Biometric, Biometric & OTP, and Demographic & OTP. Then you can select the Date Range in which you to check your Aadhaar Authentication history. You can select the date range from within the past 6 Months. In Number of Records, you can fill the number in digits maximum up to 50 to get that number of records. Finally, fill the OTP which is come to your Aadhaar registered Mobile Number. After that Click on the Green Submit Button. Note that this OTP is valid only for 30 Minutes. So to make sure you fill all the details in this panel under 30 Minutes.

Finally, You get the panel in which your Aadhaar Authentication history is present within 6-Months.

Do let us know in the comment section below, whether you like this Article or not. Please inform us if anything changes while you check your Aadhaar authentication history.

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