How to generate Aadhaar Virtual ID
How to generate Aadhaar Virtual ID

In this article, we are going to guide you to How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID? To tighten the security of Aadhaar Data officials introduces the Aadhaar Virtual ID. The Aadhaar Virtual ID works from 1st July 2018 and every service provider accepts this. Aadhaar Virtual ID is a 16 digit number which one can use in place of Aadhaar Number. Till Now, by Aadhaar Virtual ID one can only update the address. However, Now with the Virtual ID, you can do everything which you have done till now with Aadhaar.

UIDAI provides this info with his official Twitter handle. So, if you think one can misuse your Aadhaar data then at that place you can use the Virtual ID to fulfill your work.

Note that Aadhaar Virtual ID is a temporary number and the number became invalid after some time. Therefore, by this facility, your Aadhaar will safe.

How to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID?

To generate Aadhaar Virtual ID, First, go to the site

Here, enter your Aadhaar number and security code on the respective box. Then, click on the send OTP button.

As soon as you click on the send OTP button, the panel sends you an OTP on your mobile number.

Enter that OTP in the box present on the right side of your page. Then, you can generate or retrieve your virtual ID according to your need.

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