Indian Doctors Cured Coronavirus Patient with HIV Drugs
Indian Doctors Cured Coronavirus Patient with HIV Drugs

Meanwhile WHO has declared Coronavirus a Pandemic, In Between, A team of Indian Doctors from Sawai Man Singh Hospital, Jaipur has successfully cured a coronavirus Patient with a combination of HIV, Swine Flu and Malaria Drugs.

Early this march, A team of Italian Group came to India to visit major tourist destinations in Rajasthan. In the same group a person found infected with Covid-19 and the next day his wife also tested postive with the same disease.

Both of these patients then admitted to the Sawai Man Singh hospital, Jaipur where a team of Doctors treated them with HIV, Malaria and Swine Flu drugs. The result is the female patient now tested negative with Covid-19. However, the Doctors says her husband has a lung disease that’s why he take some more time to recover from the same virus.

Times of India reported, Rohit Kumar Singh (Additional Chief Secretary, Health Department) says first they treat the patient with a combination to two drugs that is useful in HIV treatment and the name these drugs are Lopinavir 200mg/Ritonavir 50mg twice a day. Along with these drugs, we also gave her Oseltamivir and Chloroquine that is useful is Swine Flu and Malaria Treatment.

As per SMS Doctors, her 69 year old husband is still under treatment in the same hospital. However, A day ago, he still test positive in daily routine test of Covid-19. Meanwhile, SMS doctors are treating him on non-invasive ventilator support.

We think, if different hospital follow the same approach and medicines and if found positive results then it would be a great achievement for India.

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