Do you guys know about the world’s first hospital train in India lifeline express? You can think of this train like a running hospital. In it, you can find all the facilities that are present in any V.I.P hospital. The facilities present in the train is also capable in making surgery of any patient. On Saturday, Lifeline express reaches Kashi Uttar Pradesh. Here it stands for 21 days and then it fetches the rail line to reach some other place in India.

Lifeline Express will go to every corner in India to provide medical facilities. A total of 27 years completes when Indian Railway and Impact foundation collab with each other to give this facility. The train has a total of 7 coaches. Pathology Center, Operation Theatre, Dental Checkup all kinds of facilities are present here. In fact, this train also has the facility to treat Chest Cancer.

It reaches Kashi Uttar Pradesh after completion of more than 190 projects. Back in 1991, Lifeline express project was started. If you also want to avail the services of this train you just have to bring your Aadhaar Card.

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