Disney Rescheduled Movies List 2020-22

December 10 was Disney Investor Day, The day when the company announced its plan about the strategy, content, pricing of its existing and upcoming services. Keeping the boring stuff behind, well, I personally liked the Disney Investor Day because this day Disney announced a list of its upcoming Movies and TV Shows.

Well, in this year’s Disney Investor Day, the company has announced a spree of movies and tv shows that are to be released in coming months and years.

Here, In this article I am revealing the list of the same movies and tv shows that Disney has revealed in its Investor Day 2020.

List of Movies and TV Shows announced at Disney Plus Investor Day 2020

Before revealing you the list, I think many of you know that the Walt Disney Company has owned Marvel Studios, Disney Plus, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. Hence, the name in the below list falls from any of the above Disney owned franchises.

To make the list more compact and easy to understand I only created two lists, one for movies and one for TV Shows. So, without any other further delay, let me reveal to you the list.

Upcoming Disney Plus TV Shows

Here is the list of TV Shows that Disney is going to release in the coming months and years.

S/No.NameReleasingStudio NameTrailer Link if any
1WandaVisionOn January 15, 2021Marvel StudiosTrailer Link
2The Falcon and the Winter SoldierIn March 2021Marvel StudiosTrailer Link
3LOKIIn May 2021Marvel StudiosTrailer Link
4HawkeyeFall 2021
5What If (Animation)Trailer Link
6Iron Heart
7Secret Invasion
8Moon Knight
9She Hulk
10Ms. Marvel
11Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday SpecialIn 2022
12I am Groot
13Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic
14Star Wars: AhsokaMay be in Fall 2021
15Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Animation)May be in Fall 2021
16Star Wars: AndorMay be in 2022
17The Acolyte
18Obi-Wan Kenobi
19A Droid Story
20Star Wars: Lando
21Star Wars: Visions (Anime)
22BaymaxIn Early 2022
23Zootopia PlusIn Spring 2022
24TianaIn 2023
25MoanaIn 2023
26IwajuIn 2022
27Burrow (SparkShorts Episode)On December 25, 2020
28Pixar PopcornIn January 2021
29Dug DaysIn Fall 2021
30CarsIn Fall 2022
31Win or LoseIn Fall 2023
32Welcome to Earth

So above are the TV Shows we know so far about that are releasing on Disney Plus in coming months and years. Now, let me list out the movies that will be releasing in coming months and years on Disney Plus.

Upcoming Disney Plus Movies

S/No.Movie NameReleasingUnder the Banner ofTrailer Link if any
1Black Panther 2In July 2022Marvel Studios
2Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaMarvel Studios
3Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of MadnessMarvel Studios
4A New Fantastic Four MovieMarvel Studios
5Rogue SquadronStar Wars
6Untitled Taika Waititi FilmStar Wars
7Raya and the Last DragonOn March 5, 2021Disney
9LucaIn June 2021Pixar
10LightyearIn Summer 2022Pixar
11Turning Red
12Ice Age: Adventures of Buck WildIn early 2022Disney

So, these are the list of TV Shows and Movies we know so far that Walt Disney is releasing on Disney Plus in upcoming months and years.

We will update this article from time to time when we know more about the shows and movies.

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