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Photo Credits: Walt Disney Studios

Today, Walt Disney Studios has released the official trailer of one of its upcoming live action feature films “Cruella”. Featuring Academy Award winner Emma Stone of La La Land in the lead role, Cruella is a story of an aspiring punk designer who is trying to get her design noticed by the wealthiest people of the society. In the process of becoming the punk designer, she became a villain that hints at the madness of Joker.

Disney’s Cruella Official Trailer

Cruella is inspired by 101 Dalmatians – a 1986 American comedy adventure film directed by Stephen Herek.

Disney has released the trailer of the movie and of course it is exciting but we can’t deduce the quality of the movie by looking at its trailer only. Talking about Disney’s experiments with live action films either they are super duper hit or a miss. For example, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, they roared on Box office, on the other side, Dumbo and Mulan was seized on the box office.

Cruella is set to release on May 28 this year but for now it is not certain whether it will be released in theatres or not or whether it will be released in theatres only or on Disney Plus too.

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