OLA Launches Ride Monitoring System OLA Guardian
OLA Launches Ride Monitoring System OLA Guardian

To enhance the Safety measurements of its passenger OLA Launches Ride Monitoring System OLA Guardian. Although this project is right now in the beta phase and testing in Banglore, Pune, and Mumbai. However, as soon as is became ready it will deploy in Major Indian cities like New Delhi, Kolkata etc. too.

How OLA Ride Monitoring System OLA Guardian Work?

When a passenger plans to ride with OLA, officials track the passenger til its destination to ensure he/she will reach safely. During the Journey, official monitors all the stops and checkpoints that falls on the Journey Route. However, if they found any unusual thing like stopping at a checkpoint for a long time like that, an automatic safety help triggers. After that OLA officials immediately sends a safety response team to the spot.

To ensure the safety of a route, OLA also asks the government to present the data of unhealthy routes. This way they decide better routes to complete a Journey.

Earlier, for safety enhancement, OLA also rolls out the selfie authentication feature via which a driver and the passenger takes a selfie and send it to the OLA official via OLA app. Officials then, in turn, analyze the photo of the driver and validate his/her authentication to the passenger. Talking about UBER they have this feature already.

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