SBI Customers can now withdraw Cash from ATM without ATM Card

To make banking easier for consumers, India’s largest market capitalized bank “SBI” launched the Yono Platform in November 2017 and is now making the platform more stronger day by day by introducing new features and accessibility. Seeing the same I thought to write an article about What are all the tasks you could perform if you are a SBI Yono user.

What is SBI Yono?

As I said earlier, Yono is a platform SBI brought to bring all its joint venture’s at one place. In fact, YONO means, You only need one. Currently, SBI has a dedicated app and website for its YONO service. Now, compared to websites, apps these days are in more demand, hence, I’m writing this article by taking the SBI YONO app as my perception.

Note: To use SBI YONO App, you must have a bank account in any branch of the State Bank of India. A user can login to the Yono App by feeding his/her ATM Card details and the OTP received on the registered mobile number. However, let me exclusively tell you, don’t feed your ATM Card details at a place of which you are not so sure about whether the place is authentic or fake. Here I am talking about feeding the Card details and OTP only in the official SBI YONO App, the link of which you can find from this page.

I think most of you now understand about SBI YONO Service, so now it’s time to take a look at the things you can do with SBI YONO mobile app.

Tasks you can do with SBI Yono App

Suppose you are visiting the ATM and by any means forget your ATM card at home, then in that case you can transact the cash from the ATM even via the YONO App.

You can perform a spree of banking activities by the YONO app and that includes Buying Insurance, Paying Bills, Booking IRCTC Tickets, Getting loans, Investing, and Getting Loans. From banking activities, I exclusively mean checking your account balance, creating a fixed deposit account, adding beneficiaries and more.

You can also request Cheque Books, Debit Cards and use emergency services like Changing ATM PIN, Blocking Debit Cards and Stop Cheques via the Yono App.

SBI Yono app gives you a single window to view all your investments, cards, insurance and banking transactions at one place.

Now, In addition to all the features I mentioned above, SBI has recently added two new special features in the app which are prelogin and viewing passbook. With Prelogin, SBI account holders can access their bank account details, passbook and transactions without logging in to the SBI Yono app.

From Prelogin, I mean login into the app via MPIN, User ID and Password or Biometric.

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