Top 10 Things to Know about ISRO GSAT 6A Satellite
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In this article, we are going to provide you the Top 10 Things to Know about ISRO GSAT 6A Satellite. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched the GSAT 6A Communication satellite successfully. Let me give you the info that ISRO Launches this satellite under the ISRO’s GSLV-F08 mission. Moreover, this satellite was launched from Sriharikota’s space station. This satellite facilitates the advancement of mobile communication in India with the help of multi-beam coverage facility.

Featuring: Top 10 Things to Know about ISRO GSAT 6A Satellite

ISRO GSAT 6A Satellite Features Part 1

  1. The Satellite is a High Power S-band Communication Satellite, which is second in its category. Moreover, India has already launched GSAT-6 Satellite which is also a high Power S-Band Communication Satellite.
  2. On Thursday, ISRO launches this satellite in the space to support the GSAT-6 Satellite which is revolving around the Earth. Let me tell you that, ISRO Launches the GSAT-6 satellite in the year 2015.
  3. The Satellite contains more powerful Communication Panels and Devices w.r.t GSAT-6.
  4. A 6-meter compact antenna is present on this satellite due to which the call quality between two satellite-based mobile will significantly improve.
  5. The Satellite is launched by keeping various things in mind such as improving the call quality and reducing the overload on the Satellite-based mobile networks as well the various satellite-based handheld devices present in our country.

ISRO GSAT 6A Satellite Features Part 2

  1. The GSAT-6A satellite is different from any normal communication satellite. In simple words, GSAT-6A will play a strong role in making satellite-based mobile calling and communication in India.
  2. The cost of manufacturing this satellite, which weighs about 2000 kg, is about Rs 270 crore.
  3. With the help of GSAT-6A, the calling facility for the armies which are present across the various remote location of our country improves.
  4. According to ISRO, this satellite will not increase any transponder capability for general communication services. In fact, the satellite will be helpful to developing better communication systems between army troops in the remote area.
  5. In GSAT 6A, the 6 meter wide umbrellas will prove helpful. The GSAT 6A antenna is 3x larger and powerful in comparison to any satellite’s antenna which ISRO sends till now. By using small antenna satellites, a large ground station is necessary to contact the earth. But GSAT 6A does not require a ground station due to its large antenna.

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