35 Amazing Facts About Nature
The Art of God is Nature

In this article, We gonna Give you the Top 35 Amazing Facts About Nature You Must Know. We live on the most beautiful planet, yes we are talking about earth. It is very beautiful and attractive because of its greenery. In Fact, Nature is our best partner. Moreover, It provides us all the resources needed to live on earth. Additionally, Nature gives us water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat, land to live, animals, birds, plants etc.

Amazing Facts About Nature

35 Amazing Facts About Nature: Part 1

  1. Do you know that The taste of beetles, is Just like the taste of apple, Whereas the taste of insects is Just like the taste of fried pigs?
  2. Humans are the only animals that sleep on their backs.
  3. Flamingo can eat only after lowering his head.
  4. Goldfish can see both the infrared as well as the ultraviolet rays.
  5. In Early Days, the skin of willow tree was the only source to make Aspirin.
  6. The shrimp’s blood does not have any colour, but when the blood will contact the oxygen present in nature it converts into blue colour.
  7. Owls are the only Bird that can see the Blue colour.
  8. The Fish, Electric Eel has the ability to Store 600 Volt of Electricity within itself.
  9. The skin of frogs that throw poison also contains dangerous toxic.
  10. The longest flight of a poultry which is recorded till now is only a duration of 13 seconds.
  11. Without Moving his Head, Duck can’t move.
  12. Cows do not have front teeth.
  13. Carrots have 0% fat. So if you are paying attention to your fat then you can eat as much carrot as you like.
  14. Amazon rainforest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen gas.
  15. Only Strawberry and Cashew are the 2 fruits, whose seeds are outside.
  16. There are at least 6 legs of all insects.
  17. Flamingos can twist their legs backwards.
  18. Racoons are very smart animals. They can open the hardest locks in less than 10 times effort.

35 Amazing Facts About Nature: Part 2

  1. When Ants wake up in the morning, they get more stretch in comparison to the entire day.
  2. The Rain Drops got the ascent because of vitamin B12.
  3. Kivi birds are blind.
  4. Bat is the only mammal that can fly.
  5. Bananas always move upwards.
  6. Only Female Mosquito Bites, Male mosquito never bites. However, They just do the voice.
  7. You can see the Rainbow only When your back is facing towards the sun.
  8. The Cherry Blossoms tree, which is planted on the banks of river Potomac of Washington DC, was gifted by Japan, in 1912. Moreover, Japan gave 3000 pieces of Cherry Blossoms as a symbol of friendship between the two countries.
  9. Cockroaches always run away from humans, if any person touches them, then they run away to clean themselves.
  10. The grey-coloured parrot named Alex has been found to be the first bird in the world who asked how its colour is.
  11. If you have ever seen, everything is quiet at the place of the snowfall, that is because the fresh ice has the ability to absorb the sounds inside it. It reduces the noise coming around it. Moreover, Snow traps the air and reduces the vibration of sound.
  12. A tribe of India had constructed 100 feet long natural bridge with the help of branches of the fig tree. Those bridges were way up to 500-600 years ago.
  13. The hummingbirds metabolic rate is so high that they live their whole life before they die due to hunger.
  14. The chicken is also called silkies, because of their quiet, friendly and kind behaviour.
  15. A few years ago a 71-year-old Brazilian, bandage a penguin. Surprisingly, every year, the penguins decide to travel more than 2000 miles to meet that person.

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