ISRO Lithium Ion Battery Technology
ISRO Lithium Ion Battery Technology

According to the latest report, Over 130 Companies wants to get ISRO Lithium Ion Battery Technology. Vikram Sarabhai Space Center Team develops this trending Lithium-ion battery technique. Moreover, It is used for several space missions of ISRO.

130 Companies wants to Buy ISRO Lithium Ion Battery Technology: Info

ISRO organize a conference in June to give this battery Technology to those companies who really need this. The officials say that more than 130 companies participate in this conference to show their interest.

This Battery Technology is interesting because it will help any company to build any a lithium-ion battery of any size and capacity. Moreover, As we all know the popularity of Lithium-ion battery in today’s tech device. Therefore, top companies technical officers compete to get this technology. Apart from Mobiles and portable electronic gadgets, Lithium-ion batteries are also popular in the field of Aerospace and Automation sector.

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