Elon Musk Tesla Car Lost in Space
Credits: SpaceX

Elon Musk Tesla Car Lost in Space

It’s a really sad news that Elon Musk Tesla Car lost in Space. Two days ago, Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy Rocket was sent to the Mars. Interesting thing is that along with this rocket, a sports car of Tesla was also sent. This car was to be installed in the orbit between Mars and Earth. But as soon as the car got out of the rocket and came out to be installed in that class, due to some technical shortcomings, that route got lost.

A brief Specification of Falcon Heavy Rocket

According to the report, the weight of the Falcon Heavy Rocket is approximately 64 Metric Ton. The Weight is approximately equal to the weight of the two space shuttle. The rocket has 27 Marlin engines and its length is about 70 meters. Look at its length, it is equal to a 23-floor building.

This is the first time in space history that a private company made such a huge rocket without any government help. After NASA’s Atlas 5, it is considered to be the most powerful rocket.

What if the mission is successful?

If this mission is successful, then in the future, SpaceX can help Air Force to send the satellites into space. This work is currently done by Falcon 9 with a lot of difficulties. Not only this, NASA can also get help from it. It is so heavy that a cargo can also be sent with it.

SpaceX owner Elon Musk said that this car is now near other smaller planets. He tweets the explosion of the fuel which is used to push the car was so fast that the car moved away from its path. However, the change in the path of the car is also a matter of concern for SpaceX.

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