Top 10 Indian Breakfast Items
Top 10 Indian Breakfast Items

In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Indian Breakfast Items that are quite popular. India has a huge variety of food recipe because here a variety of communities are present. Hence, it is obvious that here different food recipes are also present. From South Indian to Punjabi and Bihari to Bengali, we found a great collection of Food recipes here. Therefore, in this article, we are listing out the Top 10 Breakfast items that are popular in India.

List of Top 10 Indian Breakfast items that are Quite Popular

1. Aaloo Parantha

If you are an Indian then you definitely taste Aaloo Parantha at Morning. Aaloo Parantha is an Indian Recipe. Its ingredients are Wheat Flour and Potato. Some of the friends of Aaloo Parantha are Curd, Garlic and Mint Chutney and Pickle.

2. Poha

An Indian Recipe which is made of flattened rice. However, to make Poha delicious, one can add several ingredients in it. These Ingredients includes Onion, Potato, Nuts and Lemon Juice. Once can make it by Combining all these Ingredients and then fry them all. You can search youtube for Poha Recipe. There you find several recipes.

3. Idli

Idli is actually a South Indian Recipe and people love to eat it during their breakfast time.

4. Aaloo Puri

Aaloo Puri is an all-rounder Indian Recipe. You can think of it as a deep-fried Indian Bread made of Flours. Indians made it during several occasions. From marriages to festivals this recipe suits in all flavours. Moreover, People serves Aaloo Puri with several other ingredients like Rice Pudding, Aaloo ki Sabji etc.

5. Dosa made of Moong Dal

Moong Dal Dosa is a regular serving breakfast meal in Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, it has the great source of protein as is made of Pulse Flour.

Roti (Also Known as Phulka)

Roti is an Indian fried Flat Bread recipe. Moreover, Wheat Flour is the key ingredient. This recipe is popular in most parts of India because of the large availability of Wheat. Moreover, it can serve with any other dish like vegetable fries etc.

6. Upma

Upma is an another popular India Recipe made of Broken Wheat. It is also commonly served during Breakfast.

7. Dhokla

A Gujarati recipe made using the ingredients like Gram Flour etc. In Gujarat, India this recipe is very popular and served more often during Breakfast.

8. Khichdi

Most popularly known as the food that is eaten during fasting. Moreover, in it, a high amount of calories and carbohydrates are present. Hence, People consumes it during Fasting. However, most people also serve it during breakfast too.

9. Omelette

How can we forget Omelette when we talk about Breakfast. Serving Omelette with toast in India is also quite popular during Breakfast.

10. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is one of the delicious recipes that are quite popular in Bihar.

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