Why Anna Hazare Starts Indefinite Hunger Strike 2018
Anna Hazare

Why Anna Hazare Starts Indefinite Hunger Strike 2018? Social activist Anna Hazare Starts Indefinite Hunger Strike on Friday. Anna Starts this indefinite hunger strike in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. Definitely, In his main demand is Jan Lokpal Bill, but beside it, he has now 6 more demands also.

Moreover, About this Situation, Anna says that he wrote 42 times to the government, but the government ignored them. In the end, he had to sit on hunger strike fast. Additionally, He says his movement will not end this time on assurance. This time he will not end the strike till his demands will meet.

So let us, first of all, know that What is this Jan Lokpal Bill and How it will work? How will the Jan Lokpal Bill gives the Benefit to the Public?

Two Main Reasons, Why Anna Hazare Starts Indefinite Hunger Strike 2018?

The Main Reason behind it is Jan Lokpal Bill and Other Farmer Issues. Now, let’s take a look at all the issues related to these two things in Detail. This will Guide to find our answer to Why Anna Hazare Starts Indefinite Hunger Strike 2018?

What is Jan Lokpal Bill?

Jan Lokpal Bill is a kind of law( basically an Anti-Corruption Bill). In accordance with Jan Lokpal Bill, the formation of Lokpal and Lokayukta happens at the Center and the State level.

  • Moreover, Just Like the Election Commission and Supreme Court, This institution will also be completely independent of the government.
  • Even any leader or government official will not be able to influence the process of the investigation under Lokpal and Lokayukta.
  • Due to this bill, cases against corruption will not be pending for many years.
  • Moreover, Any kind of trial must complete within a year.
  • The corrupt Leader, Officer or Judge will go to jail within two years.
  • When the crime is proved, the losses suffered by the government by the corrupt people will be recovered.

Now Let’s tell you How Jan Lokpal Bill will help Ordinary Citizens?

  • If any kind of work of a citizen will not fix in a time limit, then the Lokpal will impose a fine on the responsible officer.
  • Moreover, The citizen will get the penalty as compensation for the complaint.
  • According to Jan Lokpal Bill, If your ration card, voter identity card etc. is not made within the prescribed time limit, or even if the police does not file your complaint then you can directly complain to the Lokpal.
  • They have to complete this work within a month.
  • You can complain about any kind of corruption to the Lokpal like black marketing of Government ration, Ignoring the Quality of Road during Construction, Misuse of Panchayat funds etc.
  • The Lokpal Committee members have to complete its investigation within one year.
  • Moreover, The hearing completes in the next one year.
  • Finally, the culprit will be sent to jail within two years.

How Lokpal elects the Lokpal Members?

Judges, citizens, and constitutional institutions select the Members of Lokpal. Moreover, Political leaders not select them. The appointment takes place in a transparent manner and with public participation also.

What if the officials working in the Lokpal are corrupt?

The functioning of Lokpal/Lokayukta will be completely transparent. In case of the complaint against any employee of Lokpal, his/her inquiry will complete in the maximum of two months. If Convicted, the member will be sacked from the Lokpal Committee.

What will happen to the existing Anti-Corruption Institutions?

The Existing Anti-Corruption Institution like Central Vigilance Commission, CBI’s Anti-Corruption Department merges with the Lokpal. The Lokpal will also have full power and order to investigate and prosecute a leader, officer or even a Judge.

Now, Let’s take a look at other demands that Anna Hazare Proposes beside Jan Lokpal Bill.

  • 1st Demand: The farmers get one and a half times the cost of Farming. 
  • 2nd Demand: The Amendment of Section 44 and Section 63, which weaken the Lokpal law, will cancel immediately.
  • 3rd Demand: Make the right decision for Electoral Reforms.
  • 4th Demand: The commissions that are under the control of the Government right now, such as the Agricultural Value Commission, the Election Commission, the Policy Commission etc. The Government must remove his control from all of these commissions. Apart from this, all these commissions should get constitutional status.
  • 5th Demand: Farmers whose house has no income should get a pension of 5000 thousand rupees after 60 years like a pension.
  • 6th Demand: The Parliament must pass the Farmer bill because everyone has the right to live according to our constitution.

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