Arundhati Roy says NPR will act as a database for NRC
Arundhati Roy says NPR will act as a database for NRC

Today, the famous writer and activist Arundhati Roy, who joined a Protest at Delhi University, gave a big statement. She stated that NPR would act as a database for the NRC. At the same time, She has also suggested to the people not to reveal their correct name and address while government official visits them to complete the NPR process.

Targeting the government, Arundhati Roy also said that through the NRC, the government is torturing the Muslims present in the country. By the way, those of you who do not know, Home Minister Amit Shah has already clarified that there is no relationship between NPR and NRC.

Let me tell you that on this Tuesday, a cabinet meeting held under the leadership of the Prime Minister took many important decisions. One of these decisions was to update the NPR data in the country next year. For this, the central government provided a fund of Rs 8500 crores. The Central Government says that the census will be done in the year 2021, and it is necessary to update the NPR data before conducting the census.

The central government also said that NPR was first introduced in 2010 by the UPA. NPR’s data was last updated in 2015. There is a provision to update NPR every five years. Now, as it was updated in the year 2015, it will have to be updated in the year 2020.

Although there is already anger among people towards NRC in the country, then is this the right time to conduct NPR? Please tell us your opinion in the comment box given below.

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