cVIGIL App is an app provided by Election Commission of India to report Model Code of Conduct violations during the election period. The app which is merely 11 MB in size (in android) helps you to capture photos and videos if a suspicious incident occur during election period. Once you capture the footage as well as describing it properly it reaches to the respective field unit for investigation.

How to register in cVIGIL App?

You can register in the app two ways, one by providing your mobile number, name, address and other details. However, other by tapping on the Anonymous button which you get when open the app. The difference is when you use the app as Anonymous, you won’t receive any status for your complaints. However, if you register in the app by providing all your details, you get a unique number i.e. cVIGIL ID to track the status of your complaint. You can track the status of your complaint by going to the Status section in the App.

In the cVIGIL App you can lodge any type of Moral code of conduct violations. I am listing some of them below.

  • Money Distribution
  • Liquor Distribution
  • Posters and Banners without Permission
  • Campaigning within 200 meters of Polling Booth
  • Use of Speakers beyond permitted Time and so on.

Note that Once you register a complaint in cVIGIL app, you will able to register the next after 5 minutes. This feature helps blocking spam submissions.

Election commission of India have rolled out 3 more apps beside cVIGIL App. These apps are Observer app (for central observers), Investigator App (for Flying Squads), Monitor App (for District Collector, Chief Electoral Officer). Moreover, these apps are not for general citizens. However, the respective personnel could access these app from this location.

You can download the cVIGIL from Google Playstore.

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