Health Ministry Ready to Ban more than 300 Medicines
Health Ministry Ready to Ban more than 300 Medicines

Seems like Health Ministry Ready to Ban more than 300 Medicines. All these medicines come under Fix dose combination category. Moreover, Several multinational medicine companies fall under this such as Piramal Group, Abbott Healthcare, Lupin Ltd., Cipla etc.

Health Ministry Ready to Ban more than 300 Medicines: Reports

According to reports, after this action, Government bans cough syrups such as Phensedyl, D’cold total, Saridon etc. There are a total of 343 fix dose combination medicines that are going to be banned by the Health Ministry. Ministry makes this list with the help of Drug technology advisory board.

Fix dose Combination: What it is?

Sometime to treat a disease, experts combine two or more ingredients to create a dose. In the medical industry, experts refer to such doses as Fix dose Combination.

Last, year Supreme court ask the Government to clearly specify the list of medicines to ban or regulate. Moreover, experts say in upcoming weeks the result of this issue will become transparent.

According to Market research firm AIOCD Pharma track, after banning of FDC medicines, Medicine industry will lose approx 2% of its shares.

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