How to Book Unreserved Ticket Online
How to Book Unreserved Ticket Online

This article explains How to Book Unreserved Ticket Online via UTS App. Today Indian Railway Rolls out a Facility via which you can now book 2nd Class Train tickets online. Till now the online booking facility is only available for Sleeper as well as various AC Coaches, but now it is available for unreserved coaches as well. However, there is only one difference between them. You can book Unreserved Train Tickets only via a Mobile App called UTS.

This app is available in all major stores we list out below:

Google Play store

Apple Store


Note: You can’t use UTS App on your Windows PC because it requires Windows 8 Mobile OS with x86, x64, or ARM architecture. Moreover, the Windows your Laptop supports is the desktop one.

Users whose age are more than 17 can only use UTS Mobile App.

What are all the services UTS App Provides?

Right now, In UTS App you can book Normal Ticket, Seasonal Ticket (also called Monthly Ticket), and Platform Ticket. Besides these, the option of Quick Booking and QR Booking is also present.

Besides these, you can also Cancel Ticket, Check Booking History, Manage Profile, as well as Show Booked Ticket.

How to Book Unreserved Ticket Online? Explained!

First, make sure to download and Install the UTS App via your respective Play store.

Next, Register Yourself for this App using your mobile number so that officials validate you via an OTP.

After registration book train tickets for your respective ticket category by visiting different sections in the App.

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