How to Get Aadhaar Card for Child Below 5 Years
How to Get Aadhaar Card for Child Below 5 Years

In this article, we gonna guide you to How to Get Aadhaar Card for Child Below 5 Years? As we all know, In India Aadhaar Card is now a valid identity proof. You can utilize it to verify your identity for various services like Getting a Sim Card, Opening a Bank Account etc. However, the Indian government has not limited the Aadhaar card registration for Adults only. In fact, a child whose age is below 5 years can also get an Aadhaar Card.

How Aadhaar Card prove to be useful for child below 5 years in age?

As we have already said above that Indian Government accept Aadhaar as a valid proof of identification. Therefore, it is useful for a child when he/she takes an admission to a school. There they can use it as a proof of identification. Moreover, Aadhaar also helps to track a child below 5 years if he/she is gone missing somehow.

How to Get Aadhaar Card for Child Below 5 Years? (Guide)

  1. To get an Aadhaar Card for your child below 5 years in age, visit your nearest Aadhaar enrollment center. You will get the nearest enrollment center by visiting this link:
  2. After finding out your nearest Aadhaar enrollment center, go to that center. Then, fill out the Aadhaar enrollment form for your minor. Note that you have to carry your Aadhaar Card, Birth Certificate of your Child and School identity card.
  3. Submit your form to the Aadhaar Enrollment Officer.
  4. Then, the enrollment officer takes the iris and biometric scan of your child.
  5. Finally, the officer will give you a 14 digit acknowledgment number which is present in the slip. Note that this acknowledgment number is used to track your Aadhaar Card Shipping status. However, at most the delivery of Aadhaar card takes 90 days.

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