India Unemployment Rate Hikes to 7.6 percent in April 2019
India Unemployment Rate Hikes to 7.6 percent in April 2019

In India Unemployment Rate Hikes to 7.6 percent in April. On March 3, this data was 7.1 percent which decreases to 6.7 percent at the end of the same month. However, On April again it rises in a straight line reaching at 7.6 percent. The data is released by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy pvt. ltd. They explain the monthly estimate is based on a sample of about 1 Lakh individuals. Moreover, these individuals belongs to major state, rural and urban regions.

Well that’s a serious number and will give some headache to Prime Minister Modi. Although, We all see how oposition attack him by showing him the growing rate of unemployment in the country. Moreover, it will also affect Lok Sabha Elections for Bharatiya Janata Party that is currently the Governing body in the country.

CMIE also noted Haryana, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh has the highest Unemployment rate in Month of April. The Unemployment Percentage rate for these states are given below.

Top 7 Indian States having Highest Unemployment Rate in Month of April 2019

StatesUnemployment Rate (April 2019)
Himachal Pradesh19.6%
Uttar Pradesh11.1%

If you remember, Back in January this year Business Standard publishes a report comparing India’s Unemployment rate in 2018 with 1972/1973. Indirectly saying the Unemployment rate in our country is at record high in 45 years. We don’t know for some reason the report is not full available now.

According to Reuters, Business Standard got that data from National Sample Survey Office who conduct the analysis in between July 2017 to June 2018. Moreover, the Political controversy arise that time because the acting chairman of that body resigned from his post.

Meanwhile, Again a private company Center for Monitoring Indian Economy report the unemployment rate in April 7.6%.

So what do you say? What’s your opinion? Does Unemployment rate in India is seriously reaches a critical point? Let us know in the comment section below.

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