Bihar Government now Give Rs 7 Lakh to Rape or Acid Victims
Bihar Government now Give Rs 7 Lakh to Rape or Acid Victims

Bihar Government now Give Rs 7 Lakh to Rape or Acid Victims. In a latest Cabinet Meeting under Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar officials pass 4 important agenda. Now, the acid attack victims or the rape victims in Bihar get a compensation amount of 7 Lakh rupee from Government. Previously the amount was 3 Lakh rupee. Moreover, if the victim’s age is less than 14 years then the compensation amount will be 50% higher.

Bihar Cabinet takes this decision under Bihar Victim Remediation Amendment Scheme 2018. Now, the officials prepare this fund at the district level. The special secretary of Cabinet says that if a woman has lost sight in the acid attack and cover 80% of her facial injuries then, in that case, the District crime victim damage compensation board gives the victim 10000 rupees per month.

We appreciate this step by Government of Bihar. However, in our opinion, the Government has to tighten the security with the help of local police forces more so that this type of crime will not happen at first. In Bihar, the Government helps common people with several types of schemes and Yojana. May this increase in compensation give some relief to the victims.

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