List of Top 10 Important Things About POCSO Act
Top 10 Important Things About POCSO Act

In this article, We are going to give you Top 10 Important Things About POCSO Act. We all know that the incidents of Sexual Offenses are Increasing Day by Day in our Country. Moreover, the Innocent Girls are affected by these Incidents in an enormous Quantity. To Stop or Protect from these Incidents Government of India Made a Special Law Called POSCO.

List of Top 10 Important Things About POCSO Act

  1. POCSO stands for Protection of Children from Sexual Offense.
  2. The POCSO Act was created back in 2012.
  3. Under this Act, there is a provision for punishment for the crimes againt children.
  4. The Crimes from which POCSO Act Protects the Minor are Sexual Harassment, Child Pornography etc.
  5. Section 3 of this act, explains Penetrative Sexual Assault. Elaborating in detail, if any person inserts anything in the Private part of a child or ask him/her to do so then it’s a crime.
  6. The Section 4 of POCSO Act explains Rape against Child. If any person Rape a child, then there is a provision for Life Imprisonment or Least 7 Years of Imprisonment.
  7. Moreover, Section 6 of POCSO act explains the case of Serious injury after Rape. Under this, there is a provision of 10 years of Imprisonment as well as a Penalty.
  8. Section 7 and 8 of POCSO act includes those cases in which the convict tampers the private parts of Children. The convicts found in this section have a sentence of 5 to 7 years of punishment and fines.
  9. Sexual Harassment also falls under the Section 11 of POCSO act. This section considers the following crimes: If a Person touches a child with a wrong intent, If a person shows the child a pornography. The Convict found under this section have a sentence of imprisonment up to 3 years.
  10. Now, The Central Cabinet Approves the execution of rape convicts who rape the Girl below 12 Year of Age.

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