Supreme Court Refuses Crackers Ban This Diwali 2018
Supreme Court Refuses Crackers Ban This Diwali 2018

First of all, Team Satyawaadi wishes you a very happy and safe Diwali in advance. Further, Supreme court refuses crackers ban this Diwali 2018. Although there are some certain conditions which need to be followed.

Diwali is near and hence, Supreme court came up with the decisions for the petition filed to completely ban Crackers.

Finally, Supreme Court Refuses Crackers Ban This Diwali 2018

In a petition, there was a demand to completely ban the firecrackers this Diwali. Furthermore, the reason behind the petition is the increasing air pollution.

Supreme Court refused the demand of complete cracker ban this Diwali. Although, Supreme court put its term and conditions regarding the sale of Crackers.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Crackers cannot be sold online.
  2. All the E-Commerce website should take care of it that they do not sell crackers online, otherwise, they will have to pay the fine and even more.
  3. Only those traders can sell crackers, who have the license of selling crackers. The government will take Strict actions against those who are selling crackers without having a license.

Supreme court promoted eco-friendly crackers

Supreme court gave allowance for the production and selling of those crackers which are eco-friendly, those who produce less pollution.

Further, the Supreme court even gave the time period in which people can burn crackers. People can burn crackers in between 8 pm to 10 pm at night.


Finally, The Apex court takes this decision by keeping in mind both the pollution and, the effect of cracker ban on cracker sellers and producers.

We from Satyawaadi team would request you people to enjoy the festival with love. Diwali is a festival of Light, spread the light of happiness, peace, and harmony. Burn fewer crackers, we have our responsibility towards mother Nature too. 

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