5 Things Stephen Hawking Predicted For Humans
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In this article, we gonna tell you about the 5 Things Stephen Hawking Predicted For Humans. 14 March 2018, the day when 76-year-old great physicist Stephen Hawking died at his Cambridge-based UK home. This information was given by his family members. Physicist Stephen Hawking contributes greatly to understand the mystery of The Big Bang theory and The Black Hole. His best seller book ‘A Brief History of Time’ gains a lot of popularity in the science industry as well as also ruling all the Young Generation Heart. He Born on 8 January 1942. Unfortunately, At the age of 22 he diagnosed with a rare disease called Motor Neuron, the doctors predict, he will live only a few years.

But Hawking established many records in the field of science while proving these things small. On the Other hand, he also deduces many interesting and surprising predictions related to humans and earth. One may face difficult to believe these predictions. So, Let’s find out what Hawking had predicted about the earth.

Read the 5 Things Stephen Hawking Predicted For Humans

Earth will become a Fireball

Stephen Hawking predicted that within 600 years our earth will become a Fireball. He explains because of the excessive population, the energy consumption rate of the earth will be very high in the near future. This will lead us to increase the temperature of the earth to an extent when it becomes a giant Red Fireball.

Robots built their Empire on Earth

Professor Hawking has also threatened about the risk of Robot possession on earth. According to him, in the coming years, Robot technology will become a Self-Governing Civilization. They establish their dominion over Humans. In an interview given to an international website, Stephen said that we should also focus on the risks which are associated with the development of AI.

A Great Battle between Humans with the Mass Destruction Weapons

At the occasion of BBC’s 75th establishment, Stephen predicts that we can destroy ourselves by aggression over each other because of the greed to rule the world. For this need, we can use our nuclear weapons which will lead us to mass destruction.

Transporting Ourselves to the Other Planet

Professor Hawking said that we can live on the other planet soon in future because of our technological advancement. If this is not done then the end of human civilization is certain. This will happen because of the climate change, excessive population, and of course because of our destructive acts.

Our Faith lie on Elon’s Hand, May be this time we don’t need an Iron Man. Instead, We need a Messiah may be like Neo.

Planet Earth Will become like Venus

Stephen Hawking predicted that in the near future the temperature of our Earth will become as high as the temperature of the 2nd neighboring planet to the Sun called ‘Venus’. This can even lead to Acid Rain on our Earth. Moreover, Earth’s temperature can even reach 250°C. And of-course Human Civilization can’t bear this.

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