Sacred Games Season 3 is coming
Sacred Games Season 3 is coming

One of the most popular Web Series on Netflix Sacred Games Season 2 was released on Netflix a day ago and is currently trending on the platform. Sacred Games Season 1 was released last year and users gives a huge thumbs up to this web based tv series and from that time they are waiting for the arrival of season 2.

Spoiler Alert

In Sacred Games Season 2 we some new characters as well as the extension of the same story that was continued on season 1. However, now the last episode of season 2 again left us astonished to question yourself that season 3 is coming or not.

Well, if you properly look at the last episode then you also follow my belief of the existence of season 3.

Now, coming to the review part of season 2, seriously I didn’t find Season 2 more interesting than the season 1. However, it is now interesting to see how the story goes in Season 3 because here we are not able to plot a story for the whole season 3. But, if you compare the same after season 1 we somehow predict the story of season 2.

Anyways, right now, we are not able to comment more about Season 3 but we are sure about the existence of Sacred Games Season 3.

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