authenticate aadhaar via face recognition

Authenticate Aadhaar via Face Recognization | Introduction

Authenticate Aadhaar Via Face Recognition: The Unique Identity Authority of India is now connecting a new facility with the Aadhar. With the help of this new facility, people will be able to authenticate Aadhaar card via face recognition. UIDAI has decided to bring this facility due to the troubles occur because of biometric device. From 1 July 2018, this facility will be available to the people. In this facility, a fusion mode integrates into every device that verifies the Aadhaar. By this fusion mode, people will be able to authenticate Aadhaar Card via face recognition.

Authenticate Aadhaar Via Face Recognition: The New Facility

For a long time, there was a lot of difficulty in verifying the Aadhaar details. Due to hard work from the hands, most of the worker’s fingerprint is mostly damage. Additionally, the fingerprints or the eyes of the person are used to authenticate the Aadhaar Card. Now after adding this facility, a user can authenticate Aadhaar Card details using three ways in total. However, despite this facility, the old facility will also work.

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