Onlygood plantation drive aravali gurugram

Onlygood – a Gurugram-based startup leading other companies and organizations to achieve sustainability has successfully completed its 3rd plantation drive in the Aravali range this Saturday (i.e. on July 23, 2022).

In the 3rd plantation drive, Onlygood team plants a total of 750 saplings of different varieties. The saplings were planted in a sequenced style to provide the future generation with clean air to breathe.

While this is the 3rd plantation drive, the company planted more than 2000 saplings in the earlier two drives.

The plantation drive begins at 7:30 am in the morning and lasts till 9:30 am. More than 60 people participate in this plantation drive.

The Pondman of India Also Participates in the Event

The Onlygood plantation drive is also graced by the Pond Man of India – Ramveer Tanwar who explained to the participants about the importance of water conservation, rejuvenation of water sources, and environmental balance.

What Does Onlygood Co-Founders said about the Event?

Regarding the plantation drive, the Onlygood Co-Founder and CEO, Rajeev Sinha said, “The Health of the Environment is as important as the health of an Individual. Hence, we must plant trees and pledge to nurture them”.

Vivek Mehra – the Co-Founder of Onlygood said, “Planting a tree is not just a kind act but also a social responsibility, glad to see that people are taking interest in conserving the environment and maintaining the ecological balance”.

What is Onlygood?

Well, Onlygood is a Gurugram-based startup that is helping companies worldwide to achieve sustainability primarily through their in-house developed sustainability monitoring and management software which is in beta right now. You can learn more about the software by visiting their website.

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