Why Nobel Prize to literature not awarded in 2018
Why Nobel Prize to literature not awarded in 2018

The Nobel Prize to literature not awarded in 2018. Actually, the organization which is winning the Nobel Prize in Literature is traps in a sex scandal. After which authority have to cancel the decision to award the Nobel Prize to literature 2018. Moreover, Critics surrounds the Swedish Academy because of the alleged sexual misconduct of Frech Photographer Jean-Claude Arnault. Let me give you the info that Arnault marries with a former member of this Millennium Academy.

Now, The Academy decides takes the decision to give this award or not. Some Members of the academy also anxious about providing this award. In their opinion, the conditions are not favourable to give this award.

What is the story & Why is the Nobel Prize to literature not awarded in 2018?

In November last year, 18 women accuse Arnault of sexual assault by a #Metoo movement. Moreover, Several allegations have also made about the assets of the Academy. However, Arnault denies all the charges.

The Organization vote for his wife Katarina Frostenson (who is also a poetess & an author) to remove from the 18 Member Committee. Additionally, the institution says they completely broke relations with Arnault after all the allegations. The Allegation on Arnault is sex with Staff members of the Academy. So far, 6 members resign from the academy.

Earlier in 1943 also the Nobel Prize in Literature postpones due to World War 2.

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