Rahul Gandhi Sixth Row sitting Arrangement
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Rahul Gandhi Sixth Row sitting Arrangement

The reason behind Rahul Gandhi Sixth Row sitting arrangement. At Republic day 2018, Modi Government didn’t intentionally put the Congress President Rahul Gandhi on the sixth row instead of the fourth. Special Protection Group appeal for it, that’s the reason. However, it is the first time in the history of Republic day, a congress president has not given a seat in the first row. On the other side, about this issue, Congress politicians continuously attacking the Modi Government. They blame the Modi Government, for this kind of politics.

Rahul Gandhi Sixth Row sitting arrangement: The Whole Story

Let me explain you the whole story. On Friday, When Rahul Gandhi participates in the Republic Day, their, management asked him to sit in the sixth row. At first, a seat in the fourth row is given to him, source says. Later, due to the appeal of SPG it changes. Although, a statement from SPG says: This is done due to security reasons. They say, if an emergency situation occurs, it is easy to vacate the sixth row in comparison to the Fourth. This is the reason why we give that seat to the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Sitting Arrangement

At the Republic day celebration, Rahul Gandhi sits with one of the congressmen, whose name is Ghulam Nabi Azad. Whereas Central Minister Smriti Irani sits two line ahead of him. Talking about the BJP President Amit Shah, He was sitting in the First row.

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After the end of the ceremony, One of the Congress Politician Randeep Surjewala attacks by tweeting on the Modi government. He claims Modi Government do this intentionally. There are presenting a disgusting example in the Indian politics. But, Despite all of this our constitution comes first.

Despite all of the reasons, Do you still believe this is presenting an example of dirty Politics? Post your opinions and views in the comment section below.

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