top 5 historical places in muzaffarpur

Top 5 historical places in Muzaffarpur: Intro

Top 5 Historical Places in Muzaffarpur: If you are a resident of Muzaffarpur city or if you want to visit Muzaffarpur then this article is for you. In today’s article, we will tell you about those 5 historical places in Muzaffarpur, where you must walk once.

List of top 5 historical Places in Muzaffarpur

Baba Garibnath Mandir

Garib Nath Mandir
top 5 historical places in Muzaffarpur 1: Garib Nath Mandir

If you are in Muzaffarpur and like to worship then, you will definitely visit this place in the past. But if you are not then let me give you a brief idea about it? There is also a unique story behind this temple because of which it is so famous. If you are from Muzaffarpur then you definitely know it, otherwise, read our article.

In ancient time, the land where Garibnath temple is built right now is owned by some landlord. When you visit this temple you can see a Banyan Tree on the Premises. That tree is not ordinary. Due to some bad financial situation that Landlord sees his land to some new person. After buying the land, that new landowner was not interested in the tree. He calls some workers and orders them to cut that tree.

Unfortunately, when the workers try to cut the tree a Shivling was found inside it. Due to cutting down the tree Shivling also get cut and a get fluid flows from it. After seeing all of this, the new Landlord was quite disturbed. In Fact, the same night when he goes to sleep he saw Baba Garibnath in his dreams. Baba Garibnath ordered him to establish a Shivling on the land and call one of his great devotee named Shri Shivdhari Pathak from Chapra District.

This is how the Garib Nath Temple was Built. Now, it is one of the famous historical places in Muzaffarpur.

Chaturbhuj Sthan Mandir

Chaturbhuj Stan Mandir
top 5 historical places in Muzaffarpur 2: Chaturbhuj Sthan Mandir

In 1303 century, In a Village called Turki, there was a great devotee of God Chaturbhuj. People of Turki also like to worship God Chaturbhuj.

Everything goes fine but one night God Chaturbhuj came in the dream of that devotee. He told him to place him near the same Shivling in Garibstan in Muzaffarpur. After that, the devotee takes the idol of God Chaturbhuj and came to Muzaffarpur by his Foot. This shows the reflection of his Devotion. Then, the God Chaturbhuj established beside the Shivling. Both were given place under the same tree

Long after, a man from Patna who was also a great devotee of God Chaturbhuj. He had vowed that if he would get a child then he would make a temple for God Chaturbhuj. That is how Chaturbhuj Sthan Mandir was built.

Shri Ram Mandir

Sri Ram Mandir
top 5 historical places in Muzaffarpur 3: Sri Ram Mandir

Shri Ram Temple is also one of the famous temples in Muzaffarpur. It is located at Sahu Pokhar. The temple was made by Artists from Rajasthan. Moreover, In the premises of temple, you find the third largest Shivling in India. The Caretaking of temple is done by the Sahu Family from the past.

Simri Mai Mandir

Simri Mai Mandir
top 5 historical places in Muzaffarpur 4: Simri Mai Mandir

This Temple is located near Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology (M.I.T). There is a place called Saraswati Nagar where this temple is popularly known as Simri Mai Temple. It is a Devi Peeth. With this temple also a story is associated. Long ago, an old lady lives near the temple. She used to meditate during the night for hours and hours. She also goes into samadhi during Navaratri. Later, when she died the place got the status of Lookpeeth and now it is popularly known as Simri Mai Temple. Local People believe that it is not possible to go into Samadhi for that long.

Ramchandra Shaahi Museum

Ramchandra Museum
top 5 historical places in Muzaffarpur 5: Ramchandra Museum Muzaffarpur

Yes! You read the right thing. Muzaffarpur also has a Museum. If you don’t know about it, then let me give you the brief. But, Let me also tell you that you won’t find a Mummy there. However, The Museum is famous for its rare collection of Postage Stamps. You also find a good collection of Artifacts and Variety of Art objects there.

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