Union Cabinet Approves National Digital Communications Policy 2018
Union Cabinet Approves National Digital Communications Policy 2018

Today, Union Cabinet Approves National Digital Communications Policy 2018. It is the next version of Digital Communications Policy 2012 which is right now working in our country. So, eager to know what this digital communications policy 2018 is? Ever now and then, every model needs some upgradation so that it will complete and run along with the other ones. In the world right now 5G network testing already rolls out, even in some places it starts working. Now, India also has to upgrade their network and to this task, they have to upgrade their existing network policy too, which is made back in 2012.

From back then, many things upgrades in the field of network. So, compete and run along with the other parts of the world, its time to upgrade our Network policy too. Therefore, Today Union Cabinet Approves the roll out of Nation Digital Communications policy 2018.

Talking about the ground things we get, this policy aims to provide everyone with 50Mbps of Broadband connection. Moreover, it will available at a cheap rate. Moreover, it also targets to give 1Gbps network connectivity to Gram Panchayats by the Year 2020.

As this project is large experts believe it requires a lot of manpower too. Hence, after this policy flows it also believes it will generate millions of Jobs in our country too.

Because everyone has the access to high-speed internet facility the GDP of the company will also increase due to pace in workflow. Let see what will happen in the coming days.

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