What are all the Allegations against Asaram Bapu
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In today’s article, we are going to tell you What are all the Allegations against Asaram Bapu? Today, Jodhpur Special Court can announce anytime its verdict on Asaram Bapu Case. Let us give you the info. that the charge on Asaram is raping a minor. Moreover, Many people know only this charge. But, In reality, there are several charges against him. Hence, Because of these charges, his number of supporters also decreases.

What are all the Allegations Against Asaram Bapu? List

Against Asaram Bapu, there are several allegations which Rajasthan Police files in a Charge Sheet. Beside Asaram Bapu, these allegations are also on his Four other associates. In Jodhpur 2013, Asaram was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl.

According to the Charge sheet which delivers in the Jodhpur City court, if Asaram found guilty, then he will go to imprisonment either for his whole life or for up to 10 years. Moreover, Police tells the court about the call detail of Asaram & his 4 Associates. This detail explains, On 15th August 2013, In Manai Ashram, which is 30 KM far from Jodhpur, he and his 4 Associates plan the rape conspiracy.

The name of his 4 Associates is Sharad, Shilpi, Shiv & Prakash. Among these four associates, Sharad & Shilpi are the wardens of Madhya Pradesh Chindwara Hostel. The Victim Studies in the residential School of this hostel. Moreover, this school is run by the Aasram.

The Charge Sheet of 1011 Pages

The Charge Sheet mentions several other things. It explains Shiv & Prakash tells the Victim’s Family his girl is subjugated. Moreover, to cure her they have to take her to Asaram Bapu. In this 1011 pages of the charge sheet, 121 proof documents are present. The Charge sheet also has the statement of 58 people.

There are several Allegations on Asaram Bapu which is as follows:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Rape
  • Criminal Conspiracy
  • Mortgage of People

Cases Files according to Sections

As per section 342 of IPC, The allegations on Asaram is he call the victim in his room and force with her. The victim forcibly kept in the room for one & half hours. Then, he rapes with her. Officials also register this case under the section 354A. Moreover, this section explains Sexual Assault, Female Assassination under POCSO Act.

A case also registers under the Section 375 of the IPC. Under this, the allegations on him are he touch the private parts of Victim and then rape her.

Besides these, officials also put several other charges as per Section 376(2), Section 5(F) & Section 375D.

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