Which Air is Filled in Chips Packet
Chips Packet

Which Air is Filled in Chips Packet? Intro

In this article, we properly explain about Which Air is Filled in Chips Packet and Why? If you are fond of eating chips, then you must have a complaint from the chips company. The complaint is half of the chips packet are full of air. After all, why do companies do this? Do they cheat us or have some other reason?

Which Air is Filled in Chips Packet?

When you open the chips packet, gas releases from inside, which we don’t know about. We do not even know how it smells? Actually, The smell of gas mixes with the taste of chips. In such a situation, we do not know which gas came out after we open the packet. So, you must know the gas present inside is Nitrogen Gas.

Why Chips Manufacturer fill Nitrogen gas inside the Chips Packet?

There is a special reason for filling nitrogen gas inside the chips packets. Nitrogen gas is a colorless, odorless and flavorless gas. This gas is dormant, while oxygen gas is reacting to some other module very soon, so it is safe to fill nitrogen gas in the chips packets.

The Gas keeps the Chips crisply. On the other hand, for example, when we fill the chips packet with oxygen gas, the gas soon spoil the chips.

Reasons for filling Nitrogen Gas inside the Chips Packet

  1. Filling of nitrogen gas in packets does not break the chips, because nitrogen fills the packet with the extra space and keeps the packet tight.
  2. The chips packet from nitrogen gas facilitates transportation.
  3. Nitrogen maintains snacks for long periods of time.
  4. If manufacturers don’t fill the chips packet with nitrogen gas, chips will get wet and soft.
  5. Oxygen gas is quite reactive in compare to nitrogen. There is a risk of bacteria and so on in the packet. On the other hand, with nitrogen, it is not the case.
  6. About 78 percent of the gas in the atmosphere is nitrogen. Manufacturers also fill Nitrogen gas inside electrical bulbs to increase its life.

According to the market, the pack of chips looks quite large by filling the gas. Thereby, there is hope for more chips in the customer’s mind.

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