8 strange traffic laws around the world
8 strange traffic laws around the world

8 Strange Traffic Laws Around the World: Intro

In this article, we present you 8 Strange Traffic Laws Around the World. Traffic problems are everywhere. The problem of traffic is so serious, it depends on the rules there. There is such a strange law of traffic in many countries of the world that anybody is shocked to hear it. In violation of these rules, heavy fines are also collected from the vehicle owners in those countries. So let’s know about some of the same rules.

List of 8 Strange Traffic Laws Around the World

Showering water

If there is water on the road and the driver rushes fast by driving the water on the pedestrians, it is also a violation of the law. Those who do this in the UK may pay a fine of £100. It is negligent in the category of driving.

Always keep the lights on

In Europe, When the light is low, the lights of the car is turned on. But in the shining sunlight in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Poland, it is compulsory to turn on the car’s headlight. Due to this rule, day-time lights begin to be introduced in cars.

Driving in the middle

In the UK, a car driver had to pay a fine of £1,000. Instead of driving in one lane, he was driving in between the two lanes. This blocked both the lanes. There is a provision to pay a heavy penalty for not driving in the lane in the UK.

Remove Your Car Message

In Finland, Roads are regularly cleaned. In the capital Helsinki, a notice of cleanliness is put on the streets. By sending a message, the car drivers are told to remove their car. Those who don’t remove their car, the city administration removes it and charges a penalty.

Make your Car Clean

In Romania, If the car is too dirty from outside, then running it is illegal. If your number plate, head light or taillight is filthy, then you have to pay penalty. Even that, You can’t get out of your house by taking a filthy car

Special tires for winter

In Iceland, Austria, Germany, Estonia and Finland, Winter Tires have to be installed from November to April. These tires are heavier than ordinary wheels. Because of the good grip, they aren’t slip on the ice. In winter without wearing winter tires are unlawful in these countries.

Speed Must be 100 km/hr

On Highway, you see many times trucks overtake each other. In fact, Many times this effort continues for a long time. In Switzerland, recently a rule of speed is implemented. It says that on Highway only those trucks can run which are able to grip up the speed of 100kmph.

Driver Must-Have Extra Glasses

If you wear eyeglasses and mention it in Spain’s Driving License, you will always need to have an additional eyeglass while driving. It may be that if your worn glasses are broken or lost somewhere, then extra glasses will come in handy.

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