Google Maps to show How Busy a Business is

The world has a pandemic that can be avoided with social distancing and noting the same, Google Maps has advanced a feature that makes it easier for its user to see How busy a business that is listed on Google Maps is.

This feature is called Busyness Updates that already has been available on Google Maps for a long time (launched back in 2016). It helps users to see How busy Google Maps listed business is, but to know the same it requires the user to tap on the same business. Google has now advanced the same feature by putting an indicator exclusively on Businesses listed on Google Maps to let its user know How busy a Google Maps Listed Business is.

Credits: Google Blog

The indicator indicated with some set of tags like Busier than usual, As Busy as it gets, not Busy and more. You can spot these indicators displayed under the business name.

In addition to that, you can also find these indicators showing real-time statistics while you move toward your destination. Just try to spot the Live Tag at the top. Also, Google has integrated this feature in AR View too.

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