Government of India Launches Drone Registration Portal Digital Sky
Government of India Launches Drone Registration Portal Digital Sky

The government of India Launches Drone Registration Portal Digital Sky. The Portal where Indian drone pilots can register themselves as well as their Unmanned Aircraft. GOI publicly share this info. via a press release. In the press release, Aviation ministry says normal users are only able to fly Nano Drones legally in India.

The Portal is already open up for registration from this Saturday. Below we also mention a detailed guide on how a drone pilot can register himself as well as his drone on the portal. But before going through the process let me share some important info. relevant to this topic.

The government of India Launches Drone Registration Portal Digital Sky: Some details

Government creates a total of three zones namely Red, Yellow, and Green. Flying Drones in the Red Zone is strictly prohibited. These are the areas like a military base, Government Headquarters like that, we think so whereas one can fly a drone in the Yellow zone by taking permission with a respective authority. Finally, In the Green Zone, anyone can fly a Nano drone by mentioning its data in the app or the portal.

How to Register Your First Drone in India? (Guide)

To register your drone first, you have to visit the link

Here, you have to create an account by feeding your Name, and, Email Id.

After that, the portal sends a confirmation link to your given email. Once you click on the confirmation link mention in the email, the registration portal opens.

Once the portal opens you see different profile set up pages like Pilot Profile, Individual Operator Profile, Operator Profile, and Manufacturer Profile.

Drone Registration Portal in India

From all of the four profile section mention, you have to fill those section or sections as per your need.

Note that If you are applying for a Pilot Profile, a Training Certificate is necessary. Here you get a chance to mention your Drone Category.

List of Drone Categories on Digital Sky Portal

Nano: Less than or equal to 250 grams are coming under Nano category Drones.

Micro: More significant than 250 grams and less than or equal to 2 Kg are coming under Micro.

Small: More significant than 2 Kg and less than or equal to 25 Kg are coming under Small.

Medium: However, Drones weighting Greater than 25 Kg and less than or equal to 150 Kg is coming under Medium.

Large: Finally, Large drones are those whose weight is more significant than 150kg.

Note: Government and Intelligence agencies can only register for Micro, Small, Medium, and Large Category Drones.

Talking about the Payment and getting a Unique Identification Number for your drone, You can get it via Bharat Kosh Portal.

One can fly a drone during daytime only, moreover, in a visual site, i.e. maximum up to 400 feet. Before flying a drone, you have to obtain an air defense clearance number. Some of the no-drone zones are an airport, military bases, Vijay Chowk in Delhi, etc.

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