Book IRCTC Ticket via ePayLater option
Book IRCTC Ticket via ePayLater option

IRCTC partners with ePayLater back in 2018 to provide their customers the facility to book tickets however, pay for it later via ePayLater option. Those of you who don’t know, ePayLater is a company that provides you the facility to Buy now and Pay Later. You could use ePayLater with different merchants online to buy their Products. Right now, there are a total of 27 merchants that are tied up with ePayLater to provide the facility of buy now and pay later. Let me show you these 27 merchants in the photo below.

List of Merchants ePayLater Tied up with
List of Merchants ePayLater Tied up with

As you can see in the photo above IRCTC is one such merchant. Now, Let’s take a look at How to book an IRCTC Ticket by choosing ePayLater option.

How to Book IRCTC Ticket via ePayLater Option? (Guide)

Booking an IRCTC ticket via ePayLater is so easy, but first you have to create an account on ePayLater. It requires you three important things i.e. your Phone number for OTP activation, your email id for future reference, and your PAN Card number so as to check your credit score.

Once you successfully created an account on ePayLater head over to IRCTC website, log into it and fill up all the details like you do earlier to book a ticket, but in the payment section select the paylater option like I show you in the screenshot below.

Selecting ePayLater as Payment Option on IRCTC
Selecting ePayLater as Payment Option on IRCTC

Now, once you click on Make Payment, IRCTC redirects you to the ePayLater website where you have to login via your registered mobile number and OTP.

Next, you get the option to pay via ePayLater to the IRCTC like I show you in the screenshot below.

Once you click on the Make Payment option, ePayLater will pay the ticket fee to IRCTC and your ticket will get booked.

Now, ePayLater redirects you to the IRCTC website from where you could finally download or print your ticket.

Now, here comes the second part where you have to pay the ticket booking amount to ePayLater in under 14 days from the date of ticket booking.

To pay the amount to ePayLater head over to your email account where ePayLater team has mailed you an email that contain Make Payment button.

Clicking on that button and following the process appropriately, you will able to pay ePayLater your ticket booking fee.

Benefit of Booking an IRCTC Ticket via ePayLater option

Many of you must be thinking why to select the ePayLater option in the payment section. Well, let me tell you that this option prove to be a saviour for you in case of Payment gateway failures.

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