how earth looks like from chandrayaan 2

Back on July 22, ISRO launches Chandrayaan 2 which successfully entered in the fourth orbit this friday at 3:27pm. Today, ISRO releases a set of 5 images on their official Twitter handle that shows How Earth looks like from Chandrayaan 2.

This is going to be the first when we see photos of earth from a machine that is made in India.

For you ease, I have shared those photos below. As I mentioned above this is not the first time you are going to see how earth look from space but seeing it in a photo taken by LI4 camera that is made in India is another level of feeling.

These photos are taken from 5000 km of distance with a camera that is made in India. Also the parts you are seeing in these photos are mostly Pacific ocean and American continent.

Chandrayaan 2 trans-lunar insertion is scheduled on August 14, whereas it will reach the surface of moon by August 20.

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