IIT Madras Codingal partners improve Computer Science Education Schools

To improve the quality of Computer Science education at school level, IIT Madras has partnered with Codingal – an online interactive coding platform for kids.

At IIT Madras annual tech fest Shaastra 2021, Codingal trained the school teachers in Scratch programming language. Those of you who don’t know about the Scratch Programming Language, well it is a block based visual programming language and website focused primarily to teach coding to children. While the language is not exclusive for creating games but it helps one to easily create animations, visual lessons, science lab assignments with animations, quizzes, games and more. You can read more about Scratch from here.

At the fest, Codingal conducted a 6-session course to teach more than 100 teachers from 78 schools about the Scratch Programming Language. These teachers will now teach the Scratch Programming Language to the school students.

School students can then use the Scratch Programming Language knowledge to create their Science Lab Assignments with Animations, develop games and more.

Supported by National Skills Development Association, the Education Minister of India, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal has also tweeted about it recently.

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