List of States Extended the Lockdown till April 30

Today, the Central Government has announced the extension of lockdown in all the Containment Zones till June 30. In these zones, only the essential activities are allowed as per the MHA guidelines and no one is allowed to in and out of these zones without proper permission from the respective authority. Now, one question that might rise in your mind, What actually is a Containment Zone? Well, below I have described the same.

What is the definition of a Containment Zone?

The terminology, Containment Zone prompted in the 4th stage of Lockdown where the Central Government gives the Government of States and Union Territories the power to decide about Red, Orange, and Green Zones. Now, there are two types of Zones that can reside inside the Red and Orange Zone. These zones are the Containment Zones and Buffer Zones.

Now, As I said, the State Governments have the power to decide about Red, Orange, and Green Zones, the district administration, on the other hand, have the power to decide about the Containment and the Buffer Zone.

Definition of Containment Zone

If we follow the definition provided by Health Ministry, then a Containment zone is a particular Geographical Area where positive cases of COVID-19 are found. If only one patient found in an area then the patient is treated as the epicenter and It is the responsibility of Rapid Response Team also called RRT, formed by the district authority, to decide the perimeter of a Containment Zone. However, that depends on some factors like the positive cases in the area, contact tracing history and population density. It is noted that the RRT team seal the 3 Km radius of the epicenter (the place where a positive case is detected) to create a containment zone in overall.

Definition of Buffer Zone

Now, coming to the Buffer Zones, these are those blocks neighbouring to the Containment Zones. The Buffer Zones are the additional 5 Km radius from the epicenter.

Okay let’s talk about the Lockdown 5.0 that is going to start post completion of Lockdown 4.0.

About Lockdown 5.0

Now, Just before the ending of the 4th stage of Lockdown, the Central Government has announced about Lockdown 5.0, that is going to be applicable only to the Containment Zones. So, What about the Non-Containment Zones in the country. Below I have listed out the activities that are going to be allowed gradually in the Non-Containment Zones in the country starting June 8.

Activities allowed in the Non-Containment Zones in India

Starting June 8, the Central Government has allowed Hotels, Restaurants, Malls and Religious Places to reopen but have to follow the Standard Operating Procedure about which the Central Government going to be announce soon. This is the first stage.

Now, In the second stage, it is planned to open the educational institutions of the country that includes, the Schools, Colleges, Coaching, and Training Centers. However, it is expected this stage going to roll out in July.

The Third stage is all about the operation of other set of activities that includes the travel activities (i.e. International Air Travel, Metro Rail etc.) Cinema Halls, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Bars, Auditoriums and others. This stage also includes Social, Political, Sports, Entertainment, Academic, Cultural and Religious functions. For now, it is clear when this stage is coming.

So, this is all about the Non-Containment zones in the country while Lockdown 5.0 will be implemented in the Containment zones.

Night Curfew between 9 pm to 5 pm throughout the Country

The MHA has also order all the authorities to impose and monitor the curfew at the night in between 9 pm to 5 am and in this period no one is allowed is travel without a permission from the respected authority.

Interstate and Intrastate movements are allowed

For Non-Containment zone the inter and the intra state movements of the person as well as the goods are allowed and there is no need of any special permission or e-permit for such movement. However, the proper health precautions need to be followed. Also, it is advised to the age below 10 year and above 65 year, and pregnant women to stay at home.

What about the movement of Trains and Domestic Flights?

For now, the movement of Trains (beside the special trains running right now) and Domestic Flights are all going to controlled by the SOPs issued.

Face Mask is mandatory and Social Distancing must have to followed

It doesn’t matter in which zone you are Face mask is mandatory for all and the social distancing protocol that sports 6 feet of distance in public must have to followed. Marriages and Funeral gathering must not include more than 50 and 20 guests. Liquor, Tobacco, Pan and Gutka remain to be banned and spitting in public places are also not be allowed.

What about the Workplaces?

Workplaces are advised to enforce Work from Home as much as possible for now. However, if they don’t, then there must the proper provision of thermal screening, hand sanitizes at the entry and exist point. Also, social distancing method must have be followed in the workplaces as per MHA guidelines.

So, this is all about Lockdown 5.0, the activities permitted and not be permitted in the containment as well as in the non-containment zones.

If you guys have any opinion or thought to share with us, the comment section you can find below is all up to you.

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