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These days people are watching movies and shows so dedicatedly that they also fall in love with their theme music.

Take the recent popular Netflix show “Squid Game” as an example. Soon after its release, Spotify users created around 22,500 playlists containing the Squid Game theme music.

Looking at the same, both the companies “Spotify and Netflix” decided to create an audio crossover feature called Netflix Hub.

The Netflix hub is a section on Spotify that contains the official soundtracks, playlists, and podcasts of different Netflix shows.

Both the premium as well as free users of Spotify can access the Netflix hub.

How to access Netflix Hub on Spotify?

Listeners can access the Netflix hub on Spotify simply by typing Netflix on the Spotify search bar and the app will list all the playlists of their favorite Netflix shows.

Listeners can also use this link to quickly access the Netflix hub on Spotify.

Countries where Netflix Hub is Available

At the time of writing this article, Netflix hub is available in the below list of 7 countries.

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. The U.K.
  6. Ireland
  7. India

List of Netflix Playlists, Soundtrack, and Podcasts available on Spotify

Below are the official Netflix playlists, soundtracks, and podcasts available on Spotify.

Netflix Playlists

  1. Money Heist
  2. The Harder They Fall
  3. Narcos: Mexico
  4. Off Broadway
  5. Outer banks
  6. Colin in Black and White
  7. Sex Education
  8. On My Block
  9. Bridgerton
  10. Stranger Things
  11. Virgin River

Netflix Soundtrack Albums

  1. Bruised
  2. Cowboy Bebop
  3. Tick Tick Boom
  4. The Power of the Dog
  5. Red Notice
  6. Passing
  7. Collin in Black and White
  8. Squid Game
  9. The Starling
  10. The Crown
  11. The Harder they Fall

Netflix Podcasts

  1. Okay, Now Listen
  2. You can’t make this up
  3. Netflix is a daily joke
  4. Shadow and the Bone: Behind the scenes
  5. Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins
  6. The Crown
  7. 10/10
  8. Nada Que Ver
  9. Present Company
  10. Strong Black Legends

So, what’s your opinion about an exclusive hub on Spotify that contains the music and podcasts of your favorite Netflix shows or movies.

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