No more subsidy for Haj pilgrimage
No more subsidy for Haj pilgrimage

No more subsidy for Haj pilgrimage

No more subsidy for Haj pilgrimage: The Modi government has made a big decision about Haj pilgrimage. Moreover, The central government has ended the Haj subsidy. Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi briefed the government about this decision. He said that for Hajj tour 2018 subsidy will not be given.

List of all the important Points

Naqvi said Work honestly for empowerment

Naqvi said, “We will empower us with respect, we will not be empowered with appeasement.” We are working with honesty and robustness for the economic, social and educational empowerment of the minority society. ”

Subsidy money will be spent on girls’ education

This time, most Haj pilgrims will go to Hajj after Independence. In brief, The Haj subsidy will be used for the educational empowerment of minority society. It will be used especially for the empowerment of girls and women. Which can lead to the backwardness of backward society in the education sector? ”

What Naqvi said about the Protest?

On the question of protest against the decision, Naqvi said, “When honor speaks for development, then Haj should also be with respect. Some of the agencies of Muslims did not benefit from the subsidy. We have arranged for poor Muslims, we will soon start the Haj pilgrimage from the water ship. ”

How many pilgrims will go on Haj tour this year?

This year, 1 lakh 75 thousand Haj pilgrims will travel without the subsidy. Each year, the central government gave the subsidy of Rs 700 crore to Haj pilgrims. The central government spent Rs 250 crore on subsidy last year.

How far did the government subsidize?

As a matter of fact, the government has been continuously subsidizing Haj pilgrims. As long as, the government gave 680 crores in 2013, 577 crores in 2014, 529 crores in 2015 and Rs 405 crores in 2016. ”

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