Veere Di Wedding Banned in Pakistan
Veere Di Wedding Banned in Pakistan

In this article, I am going to tell you Why Veere Di Wedding Banned in Pakistan? Multi Starrer Film Veere Di Wedding seems like drowning in the controversy before it releases at the box office. We make this statement because the censor board of Pakistan bans Veere Di Wedding to release there. That’s the reason why this movie suffers a huge loss or audience as well as money too.

Why Veere Di Wedding Banned in Pakistan?

According to Pakistani Media, CBFC i.e. Central Board of Film Certification has banned this film because of the Offensive language and scenes in this film. This Film will release worldwide on 1 June.

Moreover, During the Promotion of this film, Kareena Kapoor already says this is a progressive Film. You can get an insight of how the film will be if have already watched its trailer.

However, Sonam says every character I play in any movie, my main motto is to break the conservative thinking. In this picture also I apply motto.

On the other hand, this movie producer Riya Kapoor says my father told me to make a movie which women will not be embarrassed to see. Through this movie, I have tried to break a barrier which socially imprisons women.

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